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Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are a brilliant way to open your doors online allowing visitors to immerse themselves within a physical location in a way that traditional photographs can't reproduce

Our effective virtual tours start with high quality 360 imagery which captures the very essence of the spaces they're set in making them feel bright and inviting, then offering quick intuitive navigation routes they finish with providing information along the way, just as you would in real life to both inform and inspire visitors to take action.

Check out an example.

Here is a example of one of our virtual tours.

The House Skatepark

Back in the summer of 1997 two young(ish) lads with fire in their bellies and too much cricket on the telly were searching for somewhere to put their audacious plan into action. Rob and Tom were combing the city for a suitable venue for an indoor skatepark, and when Rob found a spacious warehouse in Sheffield’s industrial quarter, with his initials already painted onto the carpark, it was clear fate had played a hand. The House was meant to be.


Fast forward a few months and on 7th May 1998 The House Skatepark opened its doors for the first time, initially created from more MDF than you’d find on a TV makeover show and funded with a loan from the Princes Youth Business Trust. While time, Tom, and the MDF have all moved on, Rob is still behind the counter and the House has become a local institution with its annual Comp a highlight in the skating calendar. If there is such a thing.


The skatepark is a regular stopping off point for national tours and hosts skate video premiers in its swanky bar area, the James Boxhall memorial bar. Over the years the park has changed a lot with the addition of extra space which is filled by the only concrete indoor bowl in the north, a fully stocked shop selling skateboard and scooter parts and lets not forget the constantly changing street course.

20 years and change later they are still the home to skateboarding, inline skating, quad skating and scooter riding in Sheffield (sorry no bikes!). They also also run skateboarding lessons both at the park and in the community.

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